Classes are currently being held in the San Jose bay area for the Bay Club Cupertino and online thru Patreon. com /Sadira

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Breakdown of current classes being taught by Candace in the Bay Area

Shiva Fire

~ Power Yoga

Students can expect to sweat a little. This class focuses primarily on strength building. A stronger you begins with a strong core, therefore we work with a lot of core building postures. We explore lengthy holds as well as vinyasa. Vinyasa means flow, and in this class, movement with musically driven flare. This ‘power’ class is recommended for students looking for a little more of a workout. However, we welcome adventurous beginners with open arms. There is something here for everyone looking to trim those stubborn waistlines while achieving inner peace.

These classes are held at  Bay Club Cuppertino Wednesdays- 12pm.

~Breathe & Meditation

Welcome to 30 luxurious minutes of personal time to sort and clear the mind, ground the body, and feed the heart. In this practice Candace will explore various breathing techniques to master our active, emotional minds. Guided meditations will help us build a strong mental foundation to find peace and clarity even in the most unpredictable of times.

This Class can be attended at Bay Club Cuppertino Saturdays – 9:05am.

~Firelight Relax and Restore

Firelight Thai Yoga

This class is recommended for everyone!! In this practice we work to expand and explore our capability to simply relax. With low light and candles ablaze, we work with long supported holds and deep mindful breathing to help us let go and really begin to clear the body, so that it may more effectively rebuild and grow. Thai Yoga massage offerings are generously given in every class to help aid and expedite the restorative properties of the postures. In this class we work to restore the body to a greater state of alignment, harmony, and relaxation. All levels, ages, and body types are encouraged to join.

This class can be attended Online thru Patreon

~ Yoga Basics

This is a general type yoga class for anyone interested in exploring this ancient art form. In this class we work with simple breathing techniques and guided meditations to help improve mental focus and productivity. The asanas, or postures, are geared toward bringing balance to our physical bodies through a combination of strength building exercises and deep stretches. This class is for all levels of experience

This Class can be attended at Bay Club Cuppertino at 9:45am

~Family Yoga

This class is a general type yoga class for the whole family. We explore simple breathing techniques and guided meditations to help improve mental focus and productivity. The asanas, or postures, are geared toward bringing strength and harmony to the body while grounding and focusing your mind. Weather you arrive solo or with the kids in tow, this practice will strengthen your connection and awareness. This class is for all levels of experience.

This Class can be attended Online thru Patreon

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Wanna add a yoga practice to your next big corporate event or specialty retreat??

Hire Candace to teach a Specialty Workshop. Choose from the list below or send an email inquiry to MyaNirvana@gmail.com for a customized class and quote.

Specialty Workshops


Yoga for Back Pain
Yoga for Healthy Hip
Runners Delight- Yoga for tired legs
Yoga for Desk Dwellers – Relief for 9-5ers
Yoga for the active mind. Bringing focus to the everyday.
Yoga for tired neck and shoulders
Targeted Body Sculpting


Private and Semi Private Yoga Workshops (by appointment only)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

60 minutes – $120
$20 additional for out calls

These exclusive yoga sessions include a practice developed specifically to aid individual needs. No matter the “trouble spot or trick knee” ailments of any sort can be accommodated with a Private or Semi Private Yoga Workshop. Candace will provide all needed yoga props, music, and optional aromatherapy and ambiance for the session. Thai Yoga and Reiki can be integrated into the session for added healing. See Session Add-Ons


**For those looking to Hire Candace for retreats and specialty events please send your inquire to MyaNirvana@gmail.com to get a quote** 


 To find out more about Candace and her bellydancing, check out Sadira at LadyLiquid.com