Yoga = Unitytumblr_m42l8zKbar1qdfbhno1_400

Unity of the mind, the body, and the spirit. Yoga is being present in our bodies through the connection of these three properties and we find this connection though our breath. As long as we can remember to breathe, we are taking the first steps in our practice.

Developing a regular time for meditation and movement will only improve your growth. The strength and flexibility will come as long as you are present in your practice, so remember to breathe. Simply taking time to breathe each day will not only allow you to be more focused and available during daily task, it will also allow you to get more done in less time with less mistake. 

Breath = Connection                                       

Use your breath to center you and guide you through all things

Challenge: Try yoga once a week for a month and see how it changes you 


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