Flickering CandlesWhen coming in for a Thai Yoga session, you want to always arrive clean. Fresh clothing and skin will be a must. Many like to practice yoga and meditate beforehand. This can be an added bonus to your personal growth and healing process. A typical session consists of the client lying on a mat on the floor while strategic presses and pulls are administered to the body, starting with the feet and moving upward. The goal is to clear the energy lines and breakdown the buildup of toxic substances in the body (i.e. chronic pain, stress, phlegm, wind etc.) Due to the amount of flushing that is taking place during a Thai Yoga session it is recommended that you drink plenty of water before, during and after your appointment. There will be plenty of opportunity for bathroom breaks during the session to encourage this process.

Unlike traditional massage there will be no use of oils or lotions during the session. Accordingly there is no need to undress. In fact layers are encouraged as the body temperature will drop after an hour or so, possibly sooner.  Please check out “What to Wear” for more info on proper attire for your session.

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This practice has no medical restriction. The work is tailored to each individual in each treatment session, so that it can be done safely. Modifications and adjustments are made throughout the session to perfectly cater to any condition. That being said, I have performed this work on all sorts of body types. From the athletic and agile to those with chronic pain and terminal illness. This practice can be used in congruence with any medical treatment to help boost results.