Thai yoga therapy, also known as thai massage, is a unique healing experience. One which has no medical restriction. The work is tailored to each individual in each treatment session, so that it can be done safely. Modifications and adjustments are made throughout the session to perfectly cater to any condition. That being said, I have performed this work on all sorts of body types. From the athletic and agile to those with chronic pain and terminal illness. This practice can be used in congruence with any medical treatment to help boost results.

Thai Yoga Therapy, also known as Thai Massage, is a deeply revitalizing form of energy-balancing bodywork.  Assisted Yoga stretches and mindful presses are uniquely blended, resulting in a blissful and invigorating healing experience. This practice is guaranteed to harmonize body, mind, and spirit.


For more info check out this great ARTICLE on Thai massage from my teacher, Deon DeWet



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